Melle Privee, London Chanel Exhibition 

One of my passions is fashion exhibitions. I regularly look out for upcoming fashion exhibition and often plan trips abroad in sink with scheduled exhibitions.   Art is a source of inspiration for my styling work be it to help a private client finding his or her style or when working on an editorial or commercial shoot in the creative process of an image  or a brand.This year Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel hosted a two weeks exhibition at the Saatxhi Gallery on Sloane Square. The exhibition was unique for three reasons. First it took the visitor on a journey through the Chanel’s house creativity. Installed throughout the three floors of the Saatchi Gallery the exhibition journey took its visitors through Chanel essential elements: audacity, freedom and innovation.Second the exhibition was fully interactive. One needed to download the “Melle Privee ” app on its smart phone to be able to fully enjoy this unique digital experience. When going through he various rooms your phone would notify you an opportunity to scan a picture on the wall and discover a hidden secret from Mademoiselle Chanel or Karl Lagerfeld. The exhibition was divided into 3 main sections: the history of Chanel (Coco and the Brand), Chanel Couture and the haute jewellery. The third floor includes pictures of all the Chanel “egeries” (brand ambassadors) wearing outstanding pieces of jewellery.   

  The third unique point of the exhibition was a short movie showing founder Coco Chanel and creative director Karl Lagerfeld arguing about who “made” the Chanel brand as it is known, hysterical and very entertaining. 

 The exhibition is now closed but it will travel the world, probably stopping in the same cities that Chanel’s previous exhibition: The Little Black Jacket.

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