Gym Belle – How to remain stylish in your gym gear? 

Sweaty Betty Luxury City Sportswear Line
I have to say that as a stylist all my clients are now giving me the same mission: find me some cool gym gear that will make me look amazing!

Olivia Cox, styled by me, in a gorgeous gym kit by We are handsome

If you think about it that’s quite an important one as there aren’t many options.  You have the usual Lycra all over combo with top and matching bottoms in either dark or fluorescent colours or the slouchy grey or beige sweatpants with a white T-Shirt. And that’s it! … At least, it used to be it until a year or so ago.

Luca Hugh London line combines technicality and luxurious fabrics for stylish result

With the growth of health conscious trends such as “strong not skinny”, “mindfulness” and the “clean eating” movements all advocating the benefits of a lifestyle revolving around the timeless Latin saying “mens sana in corpore sano” which translates as a “sound mind in a sound body” people spend more and more time running outdoors, practicing Barre or HIIT in posh studios or rejuvenating the body and mind with yoga. Women may spend their mornings in their gym gear and want to remain glamorous when running errands in the streets of Chelsea and Marylebone before attending a class or going for a run. Fashion designers have spotted this new market and new innovative and stylish brands came up.

Sweaty Betty outfits
All my clients have embraced this lifestyle and the styling mood boards that I put together for them now include a sportswear section. As per daytime, evening looks and travel wardrobe I choose pieces based on my clients’ body type and personal style.

Sweaty Betty Outfit
My latest sportswear styling was for my lovely client and friend Olivia Cox. As a sports TV presenter Olivia is attending a lot of sports events so the studios are like a red carpet to her. One of her latest events was to try a new HIIT class so I chose this amazing kit by We Are Handsome. The brand is known for its one piece swimsuits with a lion head on the front and now expanded into stylish sportswear.


We Are Handsome cropped top
We Are Handsome Leggings

Olivia is a typical English rose who loves to add a splash of fun and quirkiness in her outfits. To stick to her personality, I chose a printed pair of leggings which I’ve teamed up with a delicate crop top open on the back to add a touch of feminity and sophistication to the overall outfit. The clashing prints add some youth and quirkiness to the overall outfit. The result is sensational!

TV Presenter and Fashion Blogger Olivia Cox

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