Off Duty Style 101: How to Master Casual Chic 

As much as men dominated the London Men Collections with super dapper tailored outfits a la Don Draper , women made half of the fash pack at the Men Fashion Week in Paris. Just like the atmosphere, outfits were casual and relaxed in Paris and I was fortunate enough to wear some fantastic pieces from Custom Made and Wolford and some accessories from Silver Service. Now despite the appearing relaxed and simplicity of my outfits there are a few rules to follow to ensure that you style a successful off duty outfit.


Rule #1 The quality:

Choosing garments of quality is key to ensure that you look stylish and casual and not scruffy and devishelled. 

It is important to invest in fabulous key pieces such as (faux) leather leggings – here the Estella faux leather leggings from Wolford, an equally fabulous leather jacket and some casual leather boots.

Then you can team up your basics with casual yet luxurious tops. During Paris Fashion Week I chose a baby blue silk camisole and cotton shirt from Custom Made and a beige suede jacket also from Custom Made which I wore twice, once on its own and another time layered with an oversized black T shirt. 

Rule #2 Colour Scheme:

When putting a casual outfit together it is important to focus on colour schemes. Simplicity is key to give an air of luxury. My favourite tones in winter are cold colours from baby blue to mutted olive beige such as this amazing suede jacket from Custom Made. 

Rule #3 Comfort:

Casual outfits are meant to be comfortable. Go for a layering of luxurious fabrics here leather and faux leather, Egyptian cotton and Suede and add perhaps add a cashmere stole or a fur vest if the weather requires. If you go for heels opt for comfy ones such as my gorgeous Over The Knee Boots from Stuart Weitzman. Rule #4: Accessories

You don’t have to own a lot of accessories but all need to be on point hence the absolute need to plan your outfits. I absolutely love my limited edition crocodile effect suede bag from Saint Laurent to which I added a Pompom from Korn Jewellery for a touch of fun.  


During Men Fashion Week I’ve also teamed up all my outfits with a selection of lush Silver Service jewellery. I absolutely love my pug ring which I wore in the middle of my figure to emphasize my fun and casual look! After all casual style is all about having fun and expressing who you are. 

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