Barrecore: models’ … and their stylists’ favorite workout

Thanks to Victoria Secret Models’ seal of approval, barre is one of the hottest workouts of the moment, promising the barre body: a long, strong and lean body. Using a fusion of high energy, low impact movements inspired by ballet, yoga and pilates, barre workouts utilise the ballet barre as a prop to perform small isometric movements and the body weight as resistance. The high repetition of the movements works muscles to capacity for a full-body, fat-burning, interval-training programme followed by static stretches which are the key to build a lean and toned physique … and help you catch your breath in between 2 series of movements. 


Barrecore is one of the few studios in London only dedicated to barre classes and the one that offers the most varied range of barre workouts. The “basic” class, BarrecoreMIXED, is probably the most intense barre class available in the market. The pace is fast. The workout is intense and after your first session your favourite word would most likely become Savasana, the word used by your teacher to announce the end of your workout and the beginning of your cool off period which includes some deep breathing exercises and positive affirmations to add a spiritual touch – literally one of the best moments of my workout days! 

In addition to the intensity of their workouts what makes Barrecorre stand out is their variety. All studios offer BarrecoreFOUNDATIONS classes to help beginners to learn more about each postures and how they can work deeper for faster results, BarrecoreADVANCED which is yet more intense than the MIXED class with more movements repetitions and less recovery time – only recommended after completing 15 sessions of BarrecoreMIXED – and a series of HIT and CARDIO classes which help with weight loss. Last but not least are the BarreASANA classes. The Asana class is a fusion classe which challenges both the body and the mind. This class revolves around a typical Ashtanga yoga routine and includes some Barrecore signature positions. This is the ideal class after a long, stressful week or simply to manage stress and centre the mind. The plus of this class is that the Savasana phase includes a light temple massage with lavender essential oil which is just divine.

KLJ_Barrecore_09.09.15-shot01-013Now whilst barre champions the barre body it does not promote a body type or wants to transform your body, not at all and thanks god for that! Barrecore just promises – and delivers – a toner, leaner figure which respects one’s feminine and natural body shape. I am an hourglass and my personal body goal is more Kate Upton than Kendall Jenner. After months of Barrecore workouts I have strengthen my core muscles, lifted my seat and slimmed down my overall figure whilst keeping my curves, which is a first for me. No other workouts in the past allowed me to tone up and keep my body shape and that’s probably one of the reasons why Barrecore is so successful: it embellishes but does not transform your body.

KLJ_Barrecore 1

Aside from the excellence of their classes, their facilities are another USP of Barrecore. Spread across Mayfair, Chelsea, Chiswick, Wimbledon, Kensington and Hampstead in London and Alderley Edge in Cheshire, Barrecore studios are a temple of wellbeing. The facilities are pristine with complimentary apples to recharge your batteries after an intense class and toiletries, hair dryers and GHDs. They also include a shopping area which stocks paleo friendly food, lush activewear and often host pop up events with other local brands giving studios a community feel. 

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