(Re)Discover Parisian Romantism with Hotel Bourg Tibourg


Blogpost initially published in May 2016 and updated in June 2018


Parisian born and bread, I’m now based in London. However I am lucky enough to travel  once a month to Paris for a combination of business and pleasure! Now that I don’t live in Paris anymore I can appreciate the city for what it has best to offer: romanticism, architecture and the city’s joie de vivre. I finally do get why people say that’s the most romantic city in the world and why Audrey Hepburn infamously says in Sabrina: “Paris is always a good idea”.



One of the best ways to experience the Parisian lifestyle is to book a stay at a hotel. Paris is renown for its outstanding hospitality and attention to details to ensure that visitors fully enjoy their stay. I stayed at the Hotel Bourg Tibourg. Nestled in the heart of the Marais, one of my favourite Parisian neighbourhoods, the Hotel Bourg Tibourg is the sister boutique hotel of the infamous Hotel Costes.


The secret to French hospitality is the atmosphere of its hotels and restaurants. Everything is conceived to ensure that all your senses are stimulated to transport you in their creative universe and enhance your experience.


The Hotel Bourg Tibourg is a hidden gem, I even have Parisian friends that do not know about it! As a boutique hotel, do not expect a large entrance and a wealth of staff to greet, instead expect a bijou luxurious hotel tastefully decorated by Jacques Garcia that will help forget about your everyday life and transport you to the Paris in the 1960s where Catherine Deneuve and Sofia Loren could sip a glass of champagne in lounge.


I stayed at the hotel for 4 nights and the service was immaculate. The Marais is a trendy non touristic neighbourhood where people love to party but I still managed to have a restful stay and sleep longer than usual.


The winter garden is a selfie heaven and also the perfect spot for romantic drinks al fresco. If you are visiting Paris this Summer do not forget to pop by the Alaia atelier rue de Verrieres 5 minutes walk away and the Chanel pop up rue des francs bourgeois. If you fancy a chilled yet tasty dinner head off to my forever fav Pizza San Antonio for a 4 cheese calzone and a glass of white wine!







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