LFW: Zeynep Kartal Autumn Winter Collection


Zeynep Kartal unveiled her 9th collection during London Fashion Week. Despite being a relatively new comer in the fashion landscape, her creations were everywhere on the British red carpet last season. Needless to say that her Autumn Winter collection was very much awaited by the fashion industry.


Zeynep Kartal’s collection was inspired by the legendary British florist of the 20s Constance Spry. Kartal, who named her collection Constance, used muted floral tones mixed with cream shades for the transitional part of her AW collection.


Zeynep also took inspiration from the 20s iconic flapper dresses with a 2017 twist, the same applied to tuxedos which are revisited with a touch of loungewear.



The collection also includes a selection of evening wear which promises more appearances on the red carpet!




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