Red Carpet Ready

With Cannes Film Festival around the corner here’s an hommage to evening and occasion wear, featuring a dress by The Pretty Dress Company, vintage earrings, ring by Tess Metcalfe and shoes by Miss Pap.

Whilst evening wear is the occasion to dress up and push boundaries my styling advice remain the same: stay true to your timeless personal style, know and embrace your body shape.

Don’t forget hair make up and accessories in line with your outfit.


I have an hourglass figure and love clean sophisticated cut. The style that works for me is Old Hollywood Glamour.

So here’s the bodycon fishtail dress à la Jessica Rabitt, the red lips, the vintage costume Jewllery and waterfall of curly hair. I go for it and I don’t deviate from my personal style – I would do so poorly at the Met Ball!

Credits: Creative Director Philip Iyegbe, Photographer Mehdi Kossou, Hair and Make Laure Baruch and Styling Assistant Esmeralda Monplaisir

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