Backstage of Milan Fashion Week – Vivetta Show


As a stylist and an influencer I find more interesting to post pictures of shows taken from my seat at the fashion show or backstage of the show when the models are bringing life to the clothes.


This is the only way to see the details of the fabric or an embroidery and how the clothes fitting on the body. The outfits go from 2D to 3D and that’s what makes all the difference.


Just like these boots that everybody was admiring on the catwalk. Only a close shot could show the subtle hues of the metallic glitter and the height of the heel.


There is no other way to show how the super thin feather of this dress are getting to life than a playful picture backstage … and the model smile makes it all!


Same for this gorgeous top, how else to show the mesh and embroidery details by a stolen shoot backstage of the show


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