Paris Couture Fashion Week: Yanina Couture Spring Summer 2018 Collection

Look 12

Loyal to her iconic nude and black palette, Yanina Couture Spring Summer collection aims to dress women in every day and night occasions with a selection of day and evening outfits, elevated by the magic of Yanina’s dreamy fabrics and patterns.

Look 17

A master at the art of embellishing delicate chiffons, silk and tulle Yanina Couture created a collection that will please every women from the most classic and reserved to the most extravagant.

Look 5

Patterns and fabrics are here to subtly reveal the female’s silhouette without ever showing too much. Yanina’s DNA is elegance and touches of velvet and embroideries tame the sexiness of tulle  and chiffon.

Look 8

Patterns are inspired by the nature and adorn the gorgeous pieces from Yanina’s collection, contrasting the sobriety and elegance of the designs.

Look 35.jpg

For the finale Yanina is breaking with the tradition and her nude and black palette by the introduction of a pink wedding, pink like the purest and most innocent love.


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