Fashion Weeks Beauty Routine

Being street style shot ready any minute but more importantly resisting exhaustion, constant travelling and being always on the go during the fashion month requires some preparation to stay fresh and healthy. Here’s my step by step guide on surviving the fashion month … or a hectic life in London.

An appointment with Dr Dray keeps the wrinkles away

… but not only that, my favourite cosmetic dermatological clinic also offers a ton of non invasive treatments such as peels and LED light.

My current routine consists of regular mesotherapy treatments to keep my skin in tip top condition, some LED light sessions when I need a boost or I have an event to attend and a drop of Botox and fillers once in a blue moon to “correct my volumes”, as they say at the clinic.

Yes, boys and girls, the secret to anti-ageing is to keep the youthful natural volumes to your face. The USP of this revolutionary clinic is that it aims to stop the ageing process as opposed to correcting its issues. As a result, the longest I have been a client, the less treatments I am now having done.

There is absolutely no chances of bumping into, or God forbid, ending with a “rich girl face” that puffed up moon shaped, uber tight skin that you can see on some girls. Here everybody is obsessed with natural looks. The doctors will advise you on the best treatments for you and your skin with the promise of never over doing it. You will actually hear “No” to most of your requests but, trust me and my face, it is all for the best.

Rodial Beauty x Hydra Facial at Beyond Medi Spa in Harvey Nichols

My most loyal followers will remember my review of the Hydra Facial, 3 years ago, basically a vacuum cleaner of all the dirt accumulated by your skin but also a super clever 6-steps multi tasking facial which spreads hyper potent serums into your skin after removing dead skin and extracting debris.

The aftermath of this super efficient facial is the true meaning of “baby face”. Once the treatment is finished, it feels like an unnecessary layer of your (dead) skin has been meticulously removed to let it glow and shine!

The good news is that compared to my very first experience of the facial, it actually does not hurt at all. The partnership with Rodial Beauty upgrades the last part of the treatment to make it feel like a luxurious and relaxing facial with a mask and facial massage. Everybody knows my love for Rodial’s super potent products so their partnership with Beyond Medispa is a dream come true to me. My therapist used the B-Venom Line on me for my mask and skincare routine which gave me a glowing and healthy result!

Available from £160 at Beyond Medi Spa in Harvey Nichols

Hair Treatment and Blow Dry at HK London

HK London is a hair and beauty salon nestled in the heart of Chelsea right opposite the Bluebird and few minutes away from my house, which is very handy.

The team here are all very friendly yet professional and very knowledgeable. Whilst being in Chelsea the atmosphere is very laid back and unpretentious and the salon is always busy.

HK London stock the best products in the market i.e. Kerastase and Shu Uemura and Jake my stylist always delivers the best of lasting blow dries in the most demanding situations: my birthday/press trip to Milan and London Fashion Week. I highly recommend popping by for a blow out before drinks or brunch at the Bluebird.

Recovery Facial with Su-Man at Away Spa at the W Hotel

Although I love travelling I am not very good with its side effects: I despise airports/train stations journeys and often get sick when I’m back home. This fashion month was no exception and I was hit by the flu when I returned to London.

Su-Man used influences from Chinese medicine to develop her amazing facial. I came in for my treatment at the end of my flu and was exhausted. Su-Man started my treatment by massaging my ears to help revigorate my organs which gave me a boost of energy!

She then started her facial protocol using her unique and amazing skin care range. The cleansing phase was divine, the extractions were painless but ever so efficient with no marks and the facial massage was out of this world. I did not want to leave the treatment room when Su-Man gently notified me that my treatment was finished (can I pretend that I am asleep?) … but I then changed my mind when she’s passed me her hand mirror. I looked rested … and glowing! No more signs of the flu!

Su-Man recommends booking facials every 6 weeks and I will certainly be back soon. Su-Man’s amazing skincare range is available for purchase at the Away Spa.

Make a full experience of your appointment at the W Hotel and pop by their spa before your facial and enjoy their steam room and sauna. Then head off to the library for their divine afternoon or cocktails serenaded by their resident DJ

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