Style Diary – How to style Summer hosiery

The wedding season is around the corner and so is the string of exciting Summer social events also known as the Season. There’s nothing more exciting about having to dress up for fancy events and spending the day in an elegant attire.

There are some many tips about outfits options but not as many about those taboo questions: what lingerie, contour wear and hosiery to wear to under THE outfit of choice. As a stylist I am getting asked this question all the time and I am delighted to sharing some tips in this blogpost.

Comfort is key when attending an event and wearing nude tights such as the Falke Seidenglatt 15 denier shiny tights should be your go to option if you want to keep your look on point! Take the 12 or 15 deniers options for the summer for a super light touch feel. Not only will it even your skin tone but it will also make sure that your dress flows perfectly on your body which may become tricky if you go sans tight and it gets very hot.

Another good reason to wear summery nude tights is that it can help you warm up your skin tone if you did not manage to book a spray tan ahead of your event. This works for all skin tone from the fairest to the darkest. Bringing up your skin tone a notch and evening it up with hosiery is one of the best fashion & beauty tricks in one!

Here I am wearing the Falke Shekinah 12 denier ultra sheer tights They are lightweight and have a shiny finish so it feels like you’re not wearing anything … but a (natural) glow! And don’t we all want that feeling?

Last but not least tights help you style your outfits. Here I took it up a notch and I have opted for the Falke Bloom fishnet stay up to style my high low dress. I feel that it embraces the spirit of my dress and my outfit would have looked way more plain if I had worn plain tights or no tights at all.

As they’re fishnet they’re lightweight and not warm at all. They are just a fashion statement and add some more glam to this gorgeous dreamy dress.

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