Luxury Digital Christmas Fair – Kitty Arden, Royal Florist

Kitty Arden is one of the coolest artists I know, actually let me rephrase that she is one of the coolest women I know. I first met Kitty at a trunkshow she hosted at the plush members’ club Loulou’s – in another time when people used to go out during the day to buy everything but essentials and when they used to socialise with half a dozen if not a dozen people a day.

Photograph by Daffyd Jones/ Burberry September 2017 exhibition

When I met Kitty she had a copy of Vogue’s September issue open on her lap with the latest Burberry campaign. The first thing she said or rather asked me was “Do you think that’s me in the photograph?” This was a photograph taken by her friend Dafyd Jones during the 1980s at Oxford University which Burberry selected as part of their exhibition celebrating the British way of life during London Fashion Week in September 2017. After a few phone calls with Dafyd she got the confirmation that it was indeed her and since then the photograph has probably been proudly displayed above her mantle piece in her living room.

You got it Kitty is a real artist. Art is running through her veins and touches everything she doing: she is a fashion designer, a painter, she has been the official illustrator of the iconic Prestat chocolate boxes for the past couple of decades and is also one of the most successful British florists.

Me wearing one of Kitty’s iconic silk painted gown

Kitty has indeed created all floral arrangements for the Queen’s Jubilee and also created the set for Princess Beatrice 18th’s birthday party at Windsor Castle to name a few. When she is not attending to her regal clients she is spending time between her studio in Chelsea and her house in the country to create more delightful art pieces. This year, her inspiration took her to wreaths creation, all being a translation of her designs and art pieces.

Wreaths start at £70 for 52cm dimension, £80 for 60cm and all can double up as centre pieces. They are all bespoke, based on your colour scheme selection. For any orders or enquiries please contact or 07940587048 Please quote LTLOVES when booking your wreath so Kitty can also send you a picture of the wreath along with the art piece which inspired its creation and a hand painted Christmas card .

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