How to get rid of MASKNE?

Wearing our masks has become an essential in our new day-to-day lives. From our heroic essential workers to the everyday human, we have all done our part in assisting the purge of this virus. To that I thank you!

However when those masks come off, you might’ve been struck with a different type of villain. You know…the ones that cause irritation, peel, protrude or even irrupt from the skin? Yes those ones! This is MASKNE, the side effects of wearing the face coverings tightly over the lower area of your mouth causing your pores to block which = acne breakouts.

We have formulated some easy rituals that you can slide right into your skin-routine to combat this.

The right first steps to take is knowing your skin type, There’s Dry, Oily, Combination, Sensitive and many other types. Once you understand what type you are, its important that you form your regimes around this.


This may sound so simple but its true, before you add, toners, moisturisers and all of the above, it’s important to make sure that you’ve cleansed your skin from any dirt, oils and especially make up! This should occur at least twice a day. When reaching for a cleanser make sure that as it purifies but doesn’t dry you out completely, it’s best if it is a organic/vegan product also.

The EVE LOM brand is my ultimate go-to they have a full range of products that are filled with natural ingredients and essential oils that combat acne and enrich the skin!

EVE LOM Cleanser/Crème is what I always reach for, it’s everything you need in one, while its cleansing and removing all impurities; it hydrates the skin and leaves a  bright and healthy appearance. Exfoliating is also an underrated yet great step needed to deal with ‘Maskne’. These rescue pads boosts and smooths the skin in preparation for the next step!



Tone TONE, tone!

Choosing the right toner can either have your skin glowing or feeling cactus ready. Go for gentle, soft toners to avoid stripping all the moisture from your skin this is my go-to as it brightens and evens out my skin in preparation for my next step.


With face coverings and the seasons changing, you’ll want to start reaching for new ways to keep your skin hydrated but NOT clogged. Start reaching for lightweight moisturisers with supportive ingredients such as glycerine. Facial sprays are also a good way to keep your face hydrated throughout your day – but don’t over do it!



I know we may have a little trauma from all the ‘Maskne’ talk but there are some masks that we 100% need in our routine.

Aim to do hydrating or detoxifying masks at least 3 times a week – thats the least you could get away with! When I’m busy and in need of that emergency pick me up I opt for this Holy Grail. It instantly boosts my tired stressed out skin and leaves it calm and glowing.

Lastly, whether it’s reusable or disposable please make sure your face coverings are always clean! Replace the disposable masks as often as you can and always ensure that your reusable ones are CLEAN from any dirt or build-up from your previous wears before using again.

Now you can find eco-friendly face coverings that are breathable and dermatologist approved to keep that skin clean.

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