Ciccarelli’s – Bulles Explosives UK Launch

Collection styled with a pleather buttoned shirt

Valerie Ciccarelli’s collection Bulles Explosives is the outcome of when art meets fashion. Not only is she a designer but an inspirational artist that focuses on freedom, love and sustainability!

Born west of the French Riviera, in the luminous port city Marseille, she grew in a multicultural village-like city that was surrounded by the most picturesque street art and kaleidoscopic storefronts. Channelling her childhood visions and ten years’ worth of high fashion intellect she created her own enterprise in 2009.

Shes also made sure her brand focused on social responsible fashions, for example the ‘no-waste environment’ implemented in her business, so she uses upcycling leather methods to create inspirational pieces.

I recently styled and creatively directed the ‘Bulles Explosives’ campaign, which consists of bags, coin purses and bracelets.

Bulles Explosives Collection – Bag and bracelets
Bulles Explosives Collection – Coin Purse

… a rebel at (he)art and love to divert the traditional use of objects and materials to create rock chic inspired pieces of jewellery and leather goods.

The handbags are none the same and completely versatile, giving you the option to either use it as a clutch or make use of the removable strap to turn it into a cross body bag, the monochrome colour grade also allows you to pair with most seasonal trends.

Photographed by Annie Joy Boothroyd – Bulles Explosives Bag

The bracelets from the collection mirror the designs from the purses, are genderless  and have multi purposes as you can turn it into a necklace-choker, which is ideal to create if you’re going for that rock chic aesthetic.

Freedom x Art Bracelets
Photographed by Annie Joy Boothroyd – Bracelet worn as choker necklace

Ciccarelli grew up in a family of fisherman, so in remembrance of this she incorporates it into her collection by accessorising the pieces with stainless steel chainmail. This gives us a piece of her childhood while still capturing that rock glamour aesthetic

Bulles Explosive Bag with Chainmail accessory
Collection styled with a pleather buttoned shirt

With this new exclusive collection be ready to complete the look with your new wardrobe and in vogue ensembles. Remember it’s a transitional piece that can be worn day or night, casual or dressed up!

The collections will be available for purchase via LJCT’s digital showroom and a selection of independent boutiques in the UK!

Behind the scenes of Ciccareli’s ‘Bulles Explosives’ Collection

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