BLANC x Laetitia Tomasso

So after you’ve taken all the steps necessary in my wardrobe detox, I have the next best thing for you, a dry cleaning company that offer a service like no other ! 

BLANC are sustainable garment care specialists that provide an expert non- toxic alternative to conventional dry cleaning alongside tailoring and laundry services. Trust me, this is the place to take your loved items to.  

BLANC only uses eco-technologies such as: wet cleaning and liquid CO2 cleaning, that are much kinder to not only your health but to clothes and the planet.

They also offer an amazing Ozone treatment! It protects against COVID-19, disinfects,  sanitises, eliminates odours and moths all while being chemical-free and environmentally friendly! It really is next level!

I do recommend before your wardrobe detox, send any of your items that need repairing to be tailored before the next season or even for a better fit i.e those Saloni wide leg trousers hemmed or a tighter waist line for that Maison Bent maxi. Set these items aside and instead of trekking to the nearest dry cleaners BLANC offer a convenient home pick up service to get your items right from your doorstep. They also offer a delivery service, and are available throughout central London, and also have stores in central London (Marylebone, Notting Hill, Chelsea and South Kensington) if you need the extra reassurance of speaking face-to-face with an expert.

Remember, sending your items here for repair or cleaning will make sure that your loved items remain in their best condition, while being environmentally-friendly all whilst enjoying the luxury experience.

BLANC’s mission is to improve people’s health and the environment by “cleaning up” a toxic and to move towards a better world. They are on a mission to become the first tech-enabled aftercare specialist which is synonymous with quality, trust, and consistency. They wish to clean all clothes, naturally and always with love, because the most sustainable fashion is the one you already have.

REMEMBER to use my discount code ‘LTLOVES’ for 15% OFF on their dry cleaning and tailoring services! 

Code must be redeemed in-store, offers ends 12th June.

Photographed by Annie Joy Boothroyd

For further information and bookings on wardrobe detox and styling please email Laetitia at and visit BLANC to book their services online.

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