Sunglass Trends You Need To Know For Spring/Summer 21!

DIOR – EverDior Round Metal Sunglasses, £340.

Sunglasses are the perfect accessories to complete any look, they can take your outfit from casual to boss in a second. The hardest thing is finding the frame that fits you, this all depends on face shape and personal style.

I’ve detailed the top S/S 21 Sunglass trends that you need to know for this season. Fashion is all about ones individual expression, so depending on your personal style and mood of the day this would essentially influence your choice. So for instance if you’re going for a sexy and sultry look, you may want to draw for a slimline cat eye frame, or when you want to embrace an unconventional/rock-chic look you could go for a square oversized frame to pair with a Saint Laurent blazer.

Pair any of these sunglasses with my spring/summer outfit or shoe trend and feel free to contact me to book a styling appointment.

The Ultimate Cat-eye

Cat-eye sunglasses embody everything femme fatale. If you want to opt for a mysterious, sultry and sexy aesthetic, these are the frames for you. When looking for the perfect frame, you’ll have many factors to take in as they come in all types of variations. From big and oversized to small and slim-line, different coloured lenses and most importantly the diverse shapes to suit your head shape. Cat-eye sunglasses are an accessory must-have!

LOEWE – Cat-eye tortoiseshell-acetate sunglasses, £300.
LE SPECS – The Last Lolita cat-eye sunglasses, £75
Balenciaga – BB-logo cat-eye sunglasses, £295.

Fierce Aviators

If you love vintage sunglasses owning a pair of timeless aviator frames should be at the top of your list (if you don’t own some already). The style never goes out of fashion and are unisex witch make them a staple frame for both genders. Pair this style with any retro outfit to achieve that bossy/vintage style.

LOEWE – Aviator metal sunglasses, £280
Bottege Veneta – Triangle-temple aviator metal sunglasses, £320
DIOR – DiorBlackSuit Aviator Metal Sunglasses, £310

Oversized Shades

Is bigger better? Yes it is! Well not in every case in life but when speaking on frames, they certainly are. Oversized frames are another frame style that proves fashion constantly repeats itself. From their debut in the 60’s around the time when everyone fell in love with icon Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s to currently in 2021 where you’ll find almost every high-class celebrity with a pair. When attempting to go make a fashion statement and create that movie-star allure, these are the frames to reach for, or when you’re incognito at the airport? Trust me they’re perfect for this. So yes, they confirm the previous question ‘Is bigger better?’

PRADA – Black oversized sunglasses, £262.
SAINT LAURENT Betty oversized square acetate sunglasses, £285.
CHLOÉ – Irene gold-tone oversized sunglasses, £265.

Fierce Shields

Every year our favourite brands are known to push the envelope on the runway, so as this season was influenced by unfamiliar and unconventional times they made sure to showcase a variety of bold and daring pieces, and trust me they didn’t leave accessories out! This season the Dior’s, Chloe’s and many more put their risk-taking foot forward and provided us with a collection of futuristic daring fits. I’ve listed the frames for those that are not afraid to don neck-turning fashion statements.

DIOR– UltraDior aviator acetate sunglasses, £360.
LOEWE – Gradient shield-lens acetate sunglasses, £340.
FENDI Forcefield Shield metal shield sunglasses, £295.

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