Evening Wear Is Back on The Scene !

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN – Silk Draped Maxi Dress

Due to the global pandemic and government restrictions, for the past year award shows have been very different. However, ever-changing technology has now become a beacon of hope by keeping us all connected and entertained. As the new way of experiencing exhibitions is virtually, award shows displayed a new variety of fashion from the new casual chic to outfits fresh of the runway. With floor-length dresses being a spring/summer 21 trend and virtual award season is now over, evening wear is back on the scene! I’ve listed some of the top evening wear fashion that you should bookmark to have you occasion ready!

Make A Statement !

If you want to turn heads and leave with the outfit of the night, these gowns are just for you! La Métamorphose is a couture company highly influenced by French culture that specialise in gowns that capture the epitome of femme fatale. The brands core is built on capturing the highest form of femininity which includes providing the most exclusive and luxury clothing.  Covered by well-known magazines such as L’Officiel, Cosmopolitan and ELLE to name a few, La Métamorphose have been focused on making a name for themselves in the fashion world. These are the perfect pieces to go for if you want to push the envelope!

La Métamorphose – Spectacular Black Embroidered Tulle Dress
La Métamorphose – Red Dress

This collection of gowns was made to explore the hidden and mysterious nature of women. Most pieces being designed with fashionable face covering, have made the gowns perfect for evening wear, while being in-tune with the current environment.

Mesh face covering paired with Velvet suit

Edgy Aesthetic

One thing I love about fashion is that there is no one way to express yourself. Individuality is what makes fashion what it is today, so if you tend to usually go for a rock/edgy chic look in your day-to-day, these are great ways to incorporate that aesthetic into your evening wear.

This is also where the cut-out S/S 21 trend meets for an occasion, as these styles are still to be worn in the evening but still give you a chic and modern aesthetic. Experimenting with different necklines is a great way to achieve this look, but feel free to contact me for my personal styling services for more options on how to achieve this look.

La Métamorphose – Corset Tulle Dress

Figure Fitting (Pleated and Ruched)

This collection of evening wear is the perfect template used to accentuate your natural assets, if you’re looking to go to your event feeling relaxed and comfortable but still glamourous, this is the look for you! Although the cuts of these pieces may seem safe, if styled correctly, you’ll be able to execute a breath-taking look!

La Métamorphose – Gold Sequin Dress
DOLCE & GABBANA – Metallic Pleated Maxi Dress

Hollywood Glamour

Knowing your shape is a main key when it comes to evening wear, this will determine the outcome of your outfit. Using your shape to your advantage along with your personal style is a great combo for success. My style is sophisticated and chic so when reaching for evening wear I go for Hollywood Glamour, going for a sleek number that highlights my silhouette, then paired with a vintage Chanel red lip and neutral accessories are an absolute go to, adding a fur shawl is the best way to take it up a notch. You may not be going to Hollywood but achieve this look right and it’ll feel like you brought Hollywood to you!

NORMA KAMALI – Fishtail Hem Sequinned Dress
ALEXANDRE VAUTHIER – Off-the-shoulder sweetheart velvet dress

Tailored Evenings

Over the years we’ve realised that suits are not just for work and have become an ensemble used to showcase an unconventional look. A tailored tux is a starting point when branching into the suit category, but as you become more accustomed to the aesthetic to add more glamour, swap out the usual tailored bottoms for a wide leg or a different jacket with extravagant sleeves. When the suit is enhanced and done correctly, you’ll be able to achieve a chic, sophisticated aesthetic. Here are some of this season’s hottest suits that if paired well can become a great alternative to usual evening dresses.

Alexander McQueen – Satin Doubled-Breasted Suit
La Métamorphose – Black Sequin Tuxedo

As evening wear is back on the scene, being daring and pushing the boundaries are great, however you must remember my main tips on how to successfully execute evening wear! They are as followed; making sure your hair and make-up is paired well with the theme of your outfit, body shape knowledge and bespoke/tailored fittings which you can book an appointment with me for a stress-free event. But most importantly embracing your beauty from within which you can read more about it here!

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