“Self-portrait / Autoritratto” by PAOLO CANEVARI

Italian based contemporary artist Paolo Canevari has showcased his latest artistic collection with Cardi Gallery, his first solo show at this capacity and is being displayed right here in the UK. The collection consists of illustrations, sculptures and installations that has been formed through the artist’s lens for the past three decades and many exclusive pieces that have never been seen before.

J.M.B., 2007 x thANKS, 2009 – Photographed by Annie Joy Boothroyd

He uses everyday raw materials such as inner tubes and tyres in his art to outline political and philosophical commentary to provoke his audiences thoughts.

“Art is a democratic, progressive force, so it should ideally serve society, not the powers that be. In my work, the use of icons, symbols, and forms from various cultures is a way of drawing attention to their true meaning, tied to dogmas or other forms of power; they’re a way to open up a dialogue with the viewer and stimulate a reaction […] What I wish to express is a radical, subversive attitude towards art and the idea of art as it has been conceived and conveyed by globalised consumeristic society, therefore raising the level of moral and ethical perception of the world.”

– Paolo Canevari
Angel, 1998 x Continents, 2002 – Photographed by Annie Joy Boothroyd
K.K.K., 1998 – Photographed by Annie Joy Boothroyd
Landscape, 2005 -Photographed by Annie Joy Boothroyd
Constellation (from the series Monuments of the memory), 2018 – Photographed by Annie Joy Boothroyd

As you know there are still certain government guidelines that have been put in place to disrupt the spreading of COVID, so they suggest you book an appointment as there is a limit to the number of visitors allowed in the space. They also have given the option to virtually tour Paolo Canevari’s Exhibition or find more information on how to book a viewing here.

“Self-portrait / Autoritratto” by PAOLO CANEVARI

Ends June 06, 2021

Cardi Gallery London

22 Grafton Street
W1S 4EX – London – UK

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