Fashionable Face Coverings !

A blog about face-masks, are we still wearing them? Well yes, we are! I know most of the population of the world will soon enough be vaccinated and restrictions are slowly being lifted. However, face coverings are going to be a part of our everyday lives which means we are going to need stylish ones to go with our outfits. Luckily for us, personal protective equipment has just turned luxury, from my spring/summer 21 trends edition, you would have seen how face masks is one of the top trends as fashionistas curate looks with face coverings while still being stylish.

Le Métamorphose – Sheer Face Covering

Even from award season, you may have seen some of your favourites from Beyonce to Taylor swift rocking full award attire accompanied with chic, stylish masks. It’s become the new accessory for our face and there are so many options out there that can match or even level up you outfit. Here are some of my top stylish picks that can soon become your best-loved mask.

AREA NYC – Crystal Teardrop Face Covering Accessory
SLIP – Reusable Silk Face Covering

Although all fashionable face coverings are not 100% protective, here are ways to add a little drama to your outfit while still being stylish. For instance, if the mask is sheer like Le Métamorphose, put an actual mask underneath as demonstrated by AREA NYC. This way you’ll still be able to execute a very unique and fashionable look.

Le Métamorphose – Personalised Mask
Off-White – black Diagonals Face Coverings
ST. JOHN – Cotton-Blend Textured Face Covering

When it comes to day-to-day wear and if you’re going for a ‘new casual chic’ or ‘street-style’ look, the reusable cotton masks laced with patterns or embroideries work best. These masks provide protection and are sustainable to the environment!

The Light Salon – Antimicrobial & Skin Repair Set

This set is perfect for those with sensitive skin and are taking action to try and combat MASKNE. The set comes with two antibacterial masks and a recovery spray that assists in your skins well-being by eliminating inflammation and the bacteria potentially clogging your pores.


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