What’s In My Chanel?

I know you’ve probably seen the ‘what’s in my bag’ blog posts before and I figured since I haven’t done one, I might as well illustrate this blog classic to you all. A lot has changed this year so I’m hoping to keep you all informed of the little things that have worked for me to make life go much easier and this is one of them. The contents of one’s bag is usually the indicator to let you know a lot about someone. Although I may change my bag when seasons change or with specific outfit, a lot of the time the contents stay the same.

Before I start on my personal contents, let me start on what I put in my bag to make sure I have all the important items in case of any scenario for my child. A section of my bag contains essentials I’ve come to learn as a first-time mother that baby always need. I hold a snack, a bottle (to the side), wipes and a spare nappy in this section of my bag. Which I know in any scenario she’ll be covered.

Dolce and Gabbana – Tortoiseshell cat-eye sunglasses

Now onto my personal essentials, we’re in a new season where the sun is staying out longer and the days are getting warmer, due to this I keep a pair of my tortoise-shell frames in my bag. The tones are mainly brown so would go with most neutral outfits. Shop more styles here.

One of my main roles as a working mother is to always stay ready so I don’t have to get ready. My Chanel Bag is one of my go-tos as I’m able to carry all my essentials while still looking very chic and stylish.

YSL – Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick

Now as a woman, you know even when you’re not wearing makeup you have to keep certain essentials in your bag, for example a lip-moisturiser, lipstick or mascara. Also carrying a purse is a day-to-day essential, I keep all my credit cards and most importantly business ones here.

If I don’t carry a bag, it’s probably because I have my phone and purse with me. An item that is probably most important in the whole selection. I have a business that I have to maintain along with many important clients and brands I collaborate with so at any time an opportunity may ring through. But, most importantly I have a child and if you’re a mummy like me, you know checking up every other hour with the nanny is part of y natural impulse.

Now it’s not only because of a pandemic that I’ve started to carry hand-sanitiser. No! I’ve always had the ‘Cleanliness is close to Godliness’ mindset so every time I touch a card reader, a public door handle or even shake hands with someone, just know a squirt of anti-bacterial goodness is to follow. Now in some cases using hand-sanitiser a lot can make my hands feel like they need a wash, in this case this is where the hand-cream comes in.

With your hands touching and going through a lot during the day, keeping them moisturised should always be a priority. Remember the old saying, our hands tell our age! So for that youthful and moisturised feel, my favourite’s are Tom Ford, EVE LOM and Byredo, they are all so divine!

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