Dr Dray Keeps The Wrinkles Away!

Photographed by Annie Joy Boothroyd

By now, if you’re a loyal follower, you’ll know my love for Clinic Dray and all the good work they do to my face to keep it looking tight and youthful especially during hectic times in my life e.g., fashion week! Clinic Dray is founded by Dr Dray the inventor of the mésothérapie treatment and go-to for many celebrities, his clinic offers a plethora of treatments to get you just right! From Botox, to non-invasive treatments such a skin-peels and skin-flash treatments, there is something for everyone.

Having my bundle of joy made me take a 2-year break as during pregnancy/breastfeeding it’s not advised to do such treatments, but that natural baby glow was all I need then anyways! But now with baby here and my schedule being absolutely hectic I thought now is the perfect time to go for a well needed session in preparation for this season.

I booked an appointment with Dr Nick for my usual baby Botox, this time it was with Dr Nick who was very gentle and professional and for the first time I got an eyebrow lift. This procedure is great for anyone in their mid-late 30’s and works wonders for us tired mums as the lift makes you look more rested and refreshed. I’m so in love with the results and everyone must be too as I’ve been getting so many compliments!

I know some of you are wondering, what is Baby Botox? Well, this treatment consists of tiny injections of Botox for a very natural and precise result, it’s great for prevention! The treatment includes a top up on week 2 to avoid injecting too much the first time and this second session will be used to perfect the first set of injections.

A TIP to remember when booking, is to make sure you don’t ask for a treatment but for the result you want, this way the doctors will tell you exactly what you need.

Clinic dray’s motto is ‘less is more, the French way of ageing gracefully’ To book your next treatment and for more information see here!

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