Luxury Travel: The Ultimate Guide to the Best Premium Luggage

The more we get closer to holiday season, the more I realise we have much to prepare for. But don’t worry we’re almost there, so far, we have our outfits ready, our cover-ups, sunglasses too but we’re forgetting one of the most important parts, luggage! Yes, I’ve covered some of the best luxury luggage’s that’ll have you travelling to your private resort in style!

Elegant Vintage Luggage

Globe trotter – 33″ Extra Deep Wheeled Suitcase

If you’re a fan of fashion from the early 1900’s these are the suitcases just for you! A very light yet strong piece that is mostly handmade using special vintage machinery. One of the best things about this style of luggage is that, just like wine, it gets better with age. If you do eventually get scuffs and scratches on your Globe Trotter for instance, don’t worry as it just adds more character to your collection. The chic and stylish detailing is definitely something you’ll want to display


High Style Hard Shells

OFF-WHITE– Arrows Embossed Suitcase

The hard exterior luggage’s are currently the most popular, they give a very modern, sophisticated aesthetic while providing the perfect features made for travel. The range is usually very lightweight, while having a resilient exterior increasing the level of security for your items. Most ranges shell is crafted to perfection with special coatings that’ll allow your luggage to be free of marks and scratches after long trips. I’ve covered a series of pieces that are stylish and most definitely comfortable as this range mostly comes with four spinner wheels.

A great example is the Louis Vuitton’s Horizon 55, it dons the classic monogram and pays homage to the original stackable luggage that first touched the scene decades ago, but still gives a breath of fresh air with its gold detailing, spinner wheels and security approved locks. Your favourite celebrities still rock this!


Unique Soft-sided suitcases

Ted Baker – tbw5

Soft shell suitcases have been around for a long while and as long as its durable and fits your needs, I say go for it. They’re very convenient as most of them come with extra pockets e.g., the front or side, which gives you more room to organise and fill with essentials. They are also perfect for fitting in unusual spaces if that ever was the case. The only downside is some of them come with only two wheels which means you’ll have to pull, but that wouldn’t be big problem for your airport Chauffeurs.  


Best Weekender Pieces

GUCCI – GG Flora Carry-on Suitcase

To those of my lovely followers that are not ready to travel hours away from home for personal reasons and decide to just take a quick weekender or staycation from home, I have the thing just for you. Feeling spontaneous and picking up your bags for a quick get-away sometimes is just what the doctor ordered. So, reaching for duffle bags or mini carry-ons are something perfect for these occasions. The perfect size where it’s not too big where you’ll have too much space and start overpacking and not to small where you can’t fit nothing inside. These chic pieces will get the job done!


Make it personal!

Aspinal London – Scarlet Saffiano

One of the worst things that can happen when going on vacation is packing all your belongings and arriving to your destination with no sign of your belongings! Although it’ll be due to the negligence of the airline, I believe personalising and tagging your items as an extra step when travelling may just be worth it.


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