Collision Discourse – Feature Film


Collision Discourse was written and will be directed and produced by the screenwriter, actor, director and producer Philip Iyegbe.

Phil's pro

I am acting a production designer in Collision Discourse, in charge of the creative aspects of the visuals through wardrobe, hair and make-up. A role that I truly enjoy as I firmly believe that hair, make-up and costumes can bring a character to life.


Collision Discourse is a feature film that talks about Jason Mansa, a genius professor and scientist, with a secret… A child prodigy he excelled through schools and universities completing his masters at the tender age of 13, it was soon afterwards that he disappeared… The once cheery child prodigy resurfaced a more mature, serious and driven man. Years on and still seemingly void of emotion ‘The Variable Strategist of Perpetual Adaptation‘ has awoken… He’s not about to let anything stand in his way…he’s on the move. His world is becoming dark, searching for answers when a glimmer of light appears in his dark world….







Photographer: Roman Hajduck

Director: Philip Iyegbe

Grooming: Rianna Plummer and Julita Dianne

Kendra’s outfit is by New Look and Philip’s and all males actors suits and accessories have been generously lent by the charity Suited & Booted



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