Please find below Laetitia’s personal styling rates, please note that these rates include VAT and subject to changes from time to time. Up to date rates will be providing with any booking enquiries:

  • Style Consultation: Complimentary
  • 2 hours Personal Styling Session: £360
  • 3 hours Personal Styling Session: £500
  • Additional hour: £180
  • Home Appointments (to cover collections and returns from and to the store and transportation) £150 (within M25/Paris) £200 (outside M25/Paris)
  • Wardrobe detox: £250
  • Listing of wardrobe for sale: £150
  • Consignment of items for sale: £90 for up to 4 medium boxes
  • Courier and alteration services available upon request

Bespoke packages are available upon request based on the clients requirements

Retainer packages are available after the first wardrobe detox and personal styling appointments based on a 6 months minimum:

  • Minimum services
    • Shopping Edit (selection of suitable clothes and accessories) – monthly £100, bi-weekly £150, weekly £200
    • Management of items for sale (dealing with customers enquiries, shipping of sold products, payment of sales proceeds …) £150 per month
  • Additional services:
    • Listing of additional items for sale: £150 for 2 hours, £200 for 3 hours
    • Personal shopping session: £100 for 2 hours and £150 for 3 hours in stores. Home appointments + £50 (within M25 and in Paris) + £100 (outside the M25 and in Parisian banlieues) for a 2 hour session + £150 (within M25 and in Paris) + £200 (outside the M25 and in Parisian banlieues)

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