Personal Styling Session

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Personal styling sessions are ideally booked a few days after the Style Consultation. Available in 2 or 3 hours packages or bespoke package son clients request is the shopping phase of Laetitia’s personal styling services.



After the style consultation, Laetitia will define your timeless personal style and will create a moodpboard including suggested outfits for each part of your professional and personal life (e.g.: office, meeting clients or investors, casual socialising, business trip, formal events…).


Once the selection of outfits and the budget is set, Laetitia can then plan the personal shopping appointments. Available in London and Paris key fashion stores or in the comfort of your home, Laetitia’s personal shopping sessions are an experience to remember.


When booked in stores,  Laetitia’s personal styling sessions are designed like a shopping tour of the most exclusive fashion destinations in town where her clients are personally greeted by store representatives, allocated a private changing room or VIP shopping section (terms and conditions apply) where a curated edit of clothes and accessories await them along with refreshments.


Home appointments are one of Laetitia’s most popular services. Ideal service as part of a wardrobe detox or management, they are the best shopping option for time poor clients. During those appointments, Laetitia will bring a selection of clothes and accessories directly to your home where fittings would then take place. The advantage of these services is that fittings can be done using items from your current wardrobe and that you would only pay for the items you would like to purchase.


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