Interview of Myriam Kone, founder of the multicultural hair salon Mimi et Mina – September 2018

Feature in Mimi et Mina’ Empowered friends – 4th September 2018

Feature in the Sunday Times Style Supplement – 17 June 2018

Feature in the digital magazine Woman’s Talk on Spring Cleaning and Wardrobe Detox 

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p://”> Christmas Gift Guide for the Marylebone Journal

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://”>Christmas Party Styling Tips (p44)

FullSizeRender 134”> Feature in Ocotur Digital Magazine[/caption]
FullSizeRender 122”> Mandeville Hotel Journal – Marylebone Talks series Feature

Feature in Emma J shipley’s blog
e size-full wp-image-4701″ src=”” alt=”FullSizeRender 118″ width=”2123″ height=”1357″ /> [/caption]”>Photoshoot with O’Mea featured in Little Black Dress Wall of Fame

[caption id="attachment_4702" n="alignnone" height="1472" align="alignnone" alt="FullSizeRender 124.jpg" width="2560"]”> Feature in Cosmeto-dermatologist Dr Haus’s blog
Urbanology Feature: June 2008