Recycle your Wardrobe 

Beside the management of your wardrobe and your image, a personal stylist also helps clients making the most of their shopping budget and wardrobe! 

This is translated by shopping within a budget for clothes or accessories that you will wear (instead of buying a 12th black jumper that will never leave your drawer) but also by the possibility to generate an income from your closet.

During the wardrobe detox, Laetitia will identify items that need to be disposed of. If they have a resale value, Laetitia will suggest listing these items for sale. Laetitia uses Vestiaire Collective for designer items and EBay for other items. Your wardrobe recycling will remain anonymous and hassle free as items will be listed under Laetitia’s profile. Laetitia’s clients generated tens of thousands of pounds by recycling their wardrobe which they then can reinvest into a new wardrobe in line with their timeless personal style. When shopping Laetitia will suggest pieces with high resale value so the items can be recycled with her clients fancy disposing of them.

Laetitia can also manage the recycling of items with lower resale value by either offering them to charity shops on your behalf or arrange for their disposal. 

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