Wardrobe Detox

The wardrobe detox is one of Laetitia’s most popular services. Try it once and it’ll soon become a must-have before each new season!

Available for men and women, the wardrobe detox is the best way to manage one’s wardrobe and image by removing unnecessary items which creates clutter and confusion.

After you style consultation, Laetitia will come to your home to analyse your wardrobe and suggest edits: the recycling of items that do not match your timeless personal style, items that you never or rarely wear, items in poor condition or simply items you do not like anymore.

Now do not get worried, Laetitia is only here to suggest and never pressures anyone to dispose of items they want to keep. Read more about the wardrobe detox in Laetitia’s  blogpost. Click here for any information or booking enquiries

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